Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping and Delivery

Detailed delivery pricing information is visible when placing an order.

Information can be found under delivery information.

If the product has not been shipped out, you can contact us via email or hotline to cancel your order.

You need to contact us first and bring the product down together with their original box/package for validation check.

If you placed your order from our us and received the wrong product model or colour, please contact us and we’ll assist you.


Credit card (Mastercard/ Visa), Kearea Dollar.

Cash/ PayNow/ PayLah for self-collection.

The price of the product that you see on the website is not inclusive of shipping fee. Shipping fee will be included once at the checkout.

Warranty and Return

We provide warranty for selected product.

Selected products have options that allow you to extent the warranty at a particular price.

Within 7 days. Change of mind is not allowed. Only faulty items and you have to bring it down to our store for us to do a validation check.  The product must not be in a new condition and it must be inside the original box/package with all the accessories.

Yes. If the product has not been shipped, you can contact us and you will get back your refund.

Order Status

You can track your order status by going to my account> My Order History. It will show you a list of your order history and your order status. You can also see more information by clicking on view.

Self Collection

Yes. We only accept cash or PayNow for self-collection.

Yes. Buyers need to contact us before collection within 30 days after placing an order.

We only accept cash or PayNow for self-collection.

Kearea Dollar

KEAREA Dollar is a virtual currency that can be used as a mode of payment to purchase products in our online store. For more information, please go to the Kearea Dollar tab.

Yes. We can only refund back to your Kearea Dollar and not to your credit card.

No. Kearea Dollar cannot be refunded to your credit card. It can only be refunded back to your Kearea Dollar.

At the checkout page, select Kearea Dollar Payment under the payment method and click continue to purchase product with Kearea Dollar.

Currently this feature is not available


You can login to your account and change your account details from the backend.

Yes. Click on account > my account > My address book > New address. You can also choose to edit or delete address.